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Be Your Dog's Pack Leader

Be the Pack Leader

Your dog is happiest when you are a calm leader. Lead your dog with love and confidence. Transform your dog and your life by understanding how to communicate effectively with your dog. You are the role model for your dog and I will give you all the information you need to be the best role model ever!

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Your First Days with your new dog

Training your dog begins as soon as you bring him home. One of the biggest mistakes people make is being too lenient with their dog and then trying later on to enforce the rules. Step one is setting the rules from the beginning.

Here are some simple things you can do. A good pack leader always goes through the doorway first, eats first, and leads the way on the walk. Invite the dog on the furniture if that is your preference, but don't allow them to jump up there without being invited.

Use your body language to convey what you want instead of your voice. A strong stance and confident manner signal strength to your dog. These simple actions give a strong leadership message to your dog.

Your tone of voice is very important. Many dog owners make the mistake of speaking to their dog in a very high excited voice. This only makes the dog excited and anxious. Talk in a normal tone, and generally the fewer words, the better.

When you are it the pack leader it helps your dog feel calm and secure. He knows what is expected of him and he can trust you to handle situations in a calm, fair way.

* exercise your dog regularly and lead the way
* wait until your dog is calm before you reward
* use calm energy
* always be fair
* do not be harsh
* do not yell or hit your dog


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