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Be Your Dog's Pack Leader

Be the Pack Leader

Your dog is happiest when you are a calm leader. Lead your dog with love and confidence. Transform your dog and your life by understanding how to communicate effectively with your dog. You are the role model for your dog and I will give you all the information you need to be the best role model ever!

The Whole Dog

Your best resource for all your dog's needs. From nutrition to training - you will find lots of articles, tips and training advice, as well as my reviews of various popular dog training techniques and product reviews. Updated daily, so come Back often.

Training the basics before trick training for your dog

All of the basic obedience skills. Your dog must be obedient before he should be taught to do tricks. This is the a foundation to all other training,  As you become the pack leader you will be training your dog to sit, stand, lie down, respond to his name and more!

All of the basic tricks. Training a dog to do the basic tricks is an excellent way to gain experience as a dog trainer. Many of the basic tricks will challenge you in some way that obedience training does not. Amongst the tricks, you can be training your dog to do: spin in a circle, rolling over, shaking a paw, crawling and more!

Advanced training techniques. There is a point in time when experienced dog trainers start to wonder the extent which they can train their dogs. Our most advanced lessons will teach and challenge you to train your dog to do anything that you want. Maybe it is getting a beer out of the fridge or playing chess, bringing in the groceries....the sky is the limit!


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