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Dog Parks - Good or Bad

In a perfect world dog parks are great. The world is not perfect and neither are dog parks. Here are some of the good and bad of dog parks.


  •   Dog parks are a good place for your dog to burn off some steam
  •   Your dog can socialize with different types of dogs
  •   You can meet new friends and arrange doggie play dates

  • Dog parks can be a place to spread diseases and flea infestation.
  • Dog parks are dangerous because you never know what kind of dogs come there.  This is especially dangerous for young puppies.
  • Some owners may be lax at watching their dogs.
  •  You often find more small dogs on big side of the park then big dogs. A small dog can be literally stomped to death in a dog park.
  • Dog parks are bad if it is the only place the dog is exercised.  Some dogs may be too excitable.

These are just some of the pros and cons.  Choose your dog park wisely

If you do want to go to dog parks, try to pick time in a day when there are not a lot of dogs and you know the dogs. With trained dogs and responsible owners dog parks can be great fun for any dog, but sadly in some cases they are not.


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